Make sure you cover entire syllabus, but allot more time to important areas. Multiple stages in the PTS help in covering NCERT, UPSC reference books, current affairs and trend analysis
Revision is essential.

Make a study schedule that actually works for you in such a way that each subject can be covered thrice (at least).
Basic, Advance then Pro!

Shift the learning to an easy medium. Increase difficulty level with each round to ensure progressive testing.
Our Test Series provides a perfect blend (Static plus Current) to help students to solve adverse pattern of questions.
Conceptual questions are difficult as options are close to each other making guess work quite difficult. Eliminate the obviously wrong choices first.
Evaluate properly and answer like a pro!
Boost your confidence by analyzing your true achievement with the help of our smartly planned test series
If offline test mode is missed, one can appear Online and get his/her results immediately.
Key Focus Areas
We focus to give you the edge.
  • Detailed study plan, sources to refer and corresponding tests prevent the serious candidates from wasting their time on irrelevant sources available in the market or online.
  • Test Papers are formulated after critical thinking and brain storming.
  • Smart distribution of questions across topics and subtopics
  • Prescribed and detailed sources for each topic and revision strategy
  • No repetitive questions
  • Cover all important (most) sources including The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Indian Year Book, Government websites and magazine.
  • Scope of individual subject wise marks improvement.

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Unique Shiksha Prelims Test SeriesSCHEDULE 2019 (General Studies)Hindi/English MediumAll tests whose dates have gone by can be taken on current date Download Detailed Syllabus

Date Test Name/Subject Sources Current Affairs
14 Feb 2020 History+Polity New + Old NCERT(All class)
19 Feb 2020 Geography+Environment & Ecology NCERT(All class)
21 Feb 2020 Economy+Science & Technology New + Old NCERT(All class)
26 Feb 2020 Complete Test NCERT History+Polity+Gepgraphy+Economy+Environment & Ecology+Science & Technology (All Classes)
26 Feb 2020 Complete Test NCERT History+Polity+Gepgraphy+Economy+Environment & Ecology+Science & Technology (All Classes)
06 March 2020 General Studies Paper-1 (Complete Syllabus) Eco Survey 2018-19, Budget,India Year Book
06 March 2020 CSAT-1 Complete Syllabus
13 March 2020 General Studies Paper-2 (Complete Syllabus) Eco Survey 2018-19, Budget,India Year Book
13 March 2020 CSAT-2 Complete Syllabus
20 March 2020 General Studies Paper-3 (Complete Syllabus) Feb-20
20 March 2020 CSAT-3 Complete Syllabus
27 March 2020 General Studies Paper-4 (Complete Syllabus) May 2019-Feb2020
27 March 2020 CSAT-4 Complete Syllabus
03 April 2020 General Studies Paper-5 (Complete Syllabus) Mar-2020
03 April 2020 CSAT-5 Complete Syllabus
10 April 2020 General Studies Paper-6 (Complete Syllabus) May 2019-March 2020
10 April 2020 CSAT-6 Complete Syllabus
17 April 2020 General Studies Paper-7 (Complete Syllabus) May 2019-March 2020
17 April 2020 CSAT-7 Complete Syllabus
24 April 2020 General Studies Paper-8 (Complete Syllabus) Apr-2020
24 April 2020 CSAT-8 Complete Syllabus