with PERSONAL MENTORING (Online or Face-to-face when possible)

Complete Pre-Cum-Mains classes; Prelims and Mains test series; and content.

Most comprehensive IAS programme @ Rs. 75,000 only.
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Get 360 degree support

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  • Smart coverage of vast UPSC syllabus
  • Analysis of previous years' questions
  • Rigorous practice & revision
  • Year-long detailed subject-wise study plan
  • Personal Mentoring wherever required

Why you should join this programme?

Home study approach for cracking UPSC is a difficult process. Aspirants are known to falter on several hurdles. This programme is specially designed to help students overcome those very hurdles. It is designed to ensure aspirants get 360 degree learning support, right at the safety and comfort of their homes.

  • India’s Best UPSC Educators
  • Fixed Class Schedule
  • Study Material
  • Test Series
  • Personal Guidance
  • Course Hours Details
  • Teachers from leading universities and institutions like IIT, IIM, Delhi University, JNU, Delhi School of Economics and other top institutions
  • Access the best teachers even in the times of Covid 19
  • Complete annual class schedule on App
  • Ideal to know what to study, when to study, how much to study & practice
  • Extensive Pre and Post Class Study Materials
  • Unique compilation of NCERTs, Current Affairs & others
  • Study material synced to the class schedule
  • Ensures continuous revision & enhances analytical ability
  • Regular practice of Prelims and Mains oriented questions
  • Correlate & connect with previously covered subjects
  • Get personalised support @ Rs. 20000 extra
  • Clear all your doubts on Zoom call
  • Personal meeting when possible
  • Ancient India 20.0
  • Medieval India 15.0
  • Modern India 37.5
  • Contemporary History 12.5
  • World History 37.5
  • Art & Culture 20.0
  • Economy 75.0
  • Geography 75.0
  • Environment & Ecology 25.0
  • Polity & Governance 75.0
  • International Relation 40.0
  • Internal Security 20.0
  • Social Issue and Justice 35.0
  • Ethics 50.0
  • General Science & Technology 65.0
  • Disaster Management 05.0
  • Current Affairs

Student's Testimonial

Anurag Mishra

The faculty at Unique Shiksha includes professional lAS officers and experienced teachers. They clearly tell you what to study and what is unnecessary. Many first time lAS aspirants benefit greatly from this systematic approach.

Siddhartha Singh

I was unable to find the right approach towards revision and also was unsure of my answer writing abilities. I am indebted to Unique Shiksha for the ultimate guidance and motivation. Their personal mentoring supported me throughout the preparation.

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