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IAS Seminar

Attending a Unique IAS Seminar not only gives you an insight about UPSC, but also motivates you to do better. The seminar conducted by Unique Shiksha also provides aspirants with unique insights into the tedious preparation process of India’s toughest examination and, in turn, bolster your UPSC preparation. Some of the salient features of the seminar are:
  • Demystification of the myths around UPSC exams and its preparation
  • Doubt clearance on selection of mains subjects
  • In-depth discussion on the right approach to prepare for the exams
  • Discussion on the revision strategies and memory tricks
  • Expert tips on fighting the fear of public speaking and improving language proficiency
  • Understanding your current stance & what difference a Personal Mentor could make
  • Balancing lifestyle (college or job) during UPSC preparation