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IAS Interview Preparation is the final hurdle for aspirants seeking to realise their IAS aspirations. In spite of the fact that the interview, on its own, provides just a little significance in the eventual process of selection, but it plays an all important role in the short listing of hopefuls as officers. In fact, over the years, there have been numerous splendid applicants who have not been selected as officers due to their inability to crack the IAS interview.

Unique Shiksha’s IAS Interview Guidance (IGP) programme provides the applicants with the nearest semblance of the actual UPSC interview process. It gives them the closest conceivable experience of showing up for an IAS interview session at the UPSC. Unique’s IGP programme consists of 1-on-1 Mock Sessions to Approach Sessions to Interview Simulation Sessions. Led under the direction of Dr. D.P. Agarwal, Ex-Chairman, UPSC, and an Academic Board headed by Mr. A.K. Saxena, Ex-Jt. Secy. UPSC, this platform is the perfect launching pad for genuine UPSC contenders towards their eventual IAS goals.

Unique Shiksha's IGP is uniquely designed to help genuine UPSC Mains applicants with the correct sort of direction that is important to shepherd them towards IAS achievement. The Programme covers, extensively, extremely imperative points comprising of National and International issues and Indian Economy. It also covers the optional subject picked by the understudy according to his or her Detailed Application Form (DAF). IGP will also sharpen aspirants’ aptitudes on introduction, correspondence, non-verbal communication, and approach towards various issues and noting methods.

Unique’s IGP Board has as its eminent members prominent retired IAS, IFS, IPS, and IRS and psychoanalysts and prominent academics with rich past UPSC experience.

  • Interview Transcripts
  • Well Compiled Current Affairs digest
  • State wise information
  • Most expected questions: Current | Hobby | State
  • Optional Advice from: Toppers | Key UPSC personalities | UPSC Gurus
  • Free 1-1 sessions with A.K. Saxena (Ex.-Joint Secretary, UPSC)