The Checklist to Choose the Appropriate Study Material Kit for UPSC Preparation

When you start your preparation for UPSC, there are a lot of questions to which, you seek answers. Right from which subject to choose, numerous aspects need to be taken care of, before you sail the boat. One such aspect, which we’ll be talking today, is the need of a good study material kit. Study materials play a significant role in shaping one’s dream to become a civil servant. An infallible and affective set of study material can always prove to be conducive, while preparing for UPSC. However, with the growing number of IAS training institutes in the country, finding an ideal study material kit has become a herculean task. So, you need to be very careful while choosing the right set of study material for a successful session.

Although, the number of training institutes in this country is growing briskly, yet there are a few establishments that stand tall among others. These institutes, with their expertise, offer excellent study material, crafted with precision. UPSC training institutes like Unique Shiksha, apprehend the needs of an aspiring civil servant, and thus offer training with sheer finesse. These institutions are the successful dream bearers for many youths today. The study material module they offer is of excellent quality, curated by domain experts. There are a few factors that need special attention, while choosing a fair study material kit for a comprehensive victory. Let’s have a look.

Current Affairs Updates: Students preparing for UPSC should be well informed about current affairs. This is one aspect, which is considered as the most crucial among others. Most of the questions in the Civil Services Exam are drafted around current affairs. Although, they don’t ask questions directly from it in the Mains Exam, they combine conventional knowledge with current affairs. So, you need to study the subject with great intensity, while preparing for the coveted exam. If you are an IAS aspirant, you need to keep yourself updated with the trending topics happening all around the world. Thus, it becomes very crucial that you choose the study material that makes you ahead of others by keeping you updated regarding current affairs on a regular basis. Unique Shiksha is one such institution that understands the need of an IAS aspirant and therefore, makes sure that you are well informed about the trending topics. UPSC gurus curate these current affairs updates, keeping in mind the magnitude of each question. These updates can be collected on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Keeping yourself well versed with current topics across the globe can surely keep you ahead in the game.

Reference Books: It is certainly one of the most important features that you need to look for, while choosing the study material kit for UPSC preparation. You should always look for study material kits that cover the entire NCERT syllabus, crafted by experts. It’s a known fact that NCERT books are considered as the best of both worlds, when comes to reference books for UPSC preparation. So, always look for such modules that cover the entire syllabus. These books are believed to be the epitome of knowledge for aspiring civil servants. Unique Shiksha, among others, offers a set of study material that has 30 books, which cover the complete NCERT syllabus created specifically for IAS aspirants. Exquisitely designed by domain experts, these books cover all the intricacies required to understand a subject properly. Now, since you have all the reference books you needed to pursue your dream, it is time for you to go through them and make the best out of it.

Round the Clock Assistance: It is often seen that IAS training institutes don’t bother much about this factor. Students may be offered an excellent study material for UPSC, but without proper assistance and guidance, it is not a cakewalk for someone to crack the exam. There could many topics on which you need clarification and for that you need someone to help you out. As the study regime of every student differs from each other, you may need guidance at any time of the day. So, you should always look for training modules that take care of this aspect and ready to offer guidance at any point of time. Unlike others, Unique Shiksha provides this facility to make students feel more confident for the exam. Their web interface has a dedicated team of helpline experts, which is ready to help you round the clock.

Tests: This is another important factor that needs to be checked, before choosing the suitable study material. You need to look for establishments like Unique Shiksha, which offer study module that includes weekly tests to check your progress. These tests are designed in a way that they cover all the details for a thorough understanding of any subject. The question papers are set by UPSC gurus, who have immense experience in UPSC exams and selection process. As, they have profound knowledge about UPSC Exam, they tend to set questions that are most probable. Furthermore, these kits involve video calling by these domain experts after the test, for evaluation. They not only judge you on your performance, but also give you valuable feedback for your improvement. With this facility, you can also clarify your doubts with them, thereby making yourself more prepared.

Progress Tracker: It is evident that only few institutes consider this as an important aspect for success in the UPSC Exam. A Progress Tracker helps students to understand their standings in the preparation process. So, the next thing you need to consider is the presence of a progress tracker in a study material kit. Unique Shiksha, being one of the best IAS training institutes, provides this facility as a part of their study material kit for the holistic betterment of students. The test results are published as nationwide percentile to help students understand the possibilities of cracking the exam. With this, you will be able to evaluate your preparation and rectify the mistakes that you’ve been doing all this time during your preparation. You can also approach the experts, if you feel deviated and need proper guidance.

Legacy: This aspect certainly adds value, as it signifies the expertise of an institution to create a brilliant set of study material. A long legacy means years of proficiency in the selection process of UPSC. So, you should always try to find study materials from a reputed institution, which has years of experience in preparing students to become civil servants. As, Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience”, Unique Shiksha, being a part of the oldest publisher for UPSC Books, can be considered as the best among others in offering UPSC study module. They have a dedicated team of experts, which strives hard to curate the best study material, in order to retain its reputation as the best IAS coaching institute in the country. The study material kit offered by this institution is considered as the most sought after set, owing to its long legacy.

Success Rate: Though this aspect is mentioned at the last in the list, yet its tremendous significance while choosing the right study material kit cannot be denied. This aspect lets you understand the quality of study material offered by various institutions. The success rate of an institution indicates the aptness of a study material kit. So, always look for study materials that have been chosen by successful candidates in past years. Unique Shiksha, with its reputation of being the best IAS coaching institute in the country, has an inspiring success rate, and hence can be relied upon for a fruitful study material kit. The study material offered by this institution has always helped students in making their way towards success.

With the help of this list you can make a proper decision in choosing the apposite set of study material for UPSC preparation. If you do a proper evaluation, keeping these aspects in mind, you’ll surely be able to get your hands on the right study material kit, you’ve been looking for. As, during this journey you need to walk hand in hand with the developments in current affairs around the world that can have radical repercussions on India and the world in general, navigate through the pages of history and be aware of the government policies that support the objectives and vision of our Preamble, you need a study material that can help you to finish the voyage victoriously. You can always approach Unique Shiksha for the desirable study material module, as it covers all the details required for a triumphant training regime. If you look at yesteryears’ results, you’ll be able to see that the institution’s study material has been chosen by many and has come out with flying colours. Their detailed study material kit is one of its kind and that’s why is considered as one of the best.

Albeit the fact that study material helps you win half the battle, yet without your dedication and hard work, it is almost impossible to crack the UPSC Exam. Set your priorities right before you start your preparation for the exams. Get the best of resources and work hard, your dream will surely be able see the light of the day. All the best!!