Recently, excavations have been made at Rakhigarhi which is one of the sites of Indus Valley Civilization. Which of the statement(s) about this site is/are Correct?

  1. Rakhigarhi has become the largest site of Indus Valley civilization.
  2. Rakhigarhiis situated in Karnal district of Haryana State.
  3. The site has been declared as one of the 10 endangered sites in Asia by the Global Heritage Fund.

Choose the correct option:

A. 1 and 2only
B. 2 and 3 only
C. 1 and 3only
D. All are correct

Ans. (C)

Statement-1: In 2014, some additional mounds were discovered at Rakhigarhi that has made this site the largest Indus Valley civilization site earlier it was Mohenjodaro. Hence the Statement-1 is Correct

Statement-2: The twin villages of Rakhi Shahpur and Rakhi Khas which are jointly known as Rakhigarhi village are situated in Narnaund sub-division of Hisar district in Haryana. Thus, statement-2 is In-Correct

Statement-3: In 2012, Rakhigarhi was declared as one of the ten endangered sites in Asia by the Global Heritage Fund. Thus, Statement 3 is Correct.

Since statements 1and 3are correct thus, correct answer is (C)