Want to be a chief secretary?

The recent controversy around the absence of the Chief Secretary of West Bengal in the PM’s review meeting and the consequent spurt of tussle between the Centre and the State government might have sparked your imagination about the stature and prestige of Chief Secretary. Do you know! Chief Secretary is the senior most IAS officer at state level. He is a member of Indian Administrative Services which is one of the All India services. There are three All India Services namely the Indian Administrative Services, the Indian Police services, and the Indian Forest Services. Members of All India services including Indian Administrative Services and Indian police services are recruited through a three-tier examination called civil services examination which is popularly known as IAS examination. It is the most prestigious and coveted examination in India. It is also considered as one of the most difficult and challenging examinations because of the fact that the officers selected through this examination are to be appointed to the top level bureaucratic positions. These positions are the strategic positions which require high caliber officers. These offices are engaged in policy implementation at entry level and policy formulation at senior level. These officers serve as secretaries, joint secretaries, additional secretaries, deputy secretaries, and directors etc., in various ministries and departments at the Centre or the State governments.

Chief Secretary acts as the administrative head of the state government. It Act as the chief official advisor to Chief Minister at state level. It is seen as the right hand of Chief Minister in administrative matters. It also acts as the chief coordinator among the different ministries and departments of the concerned state government. It leads the state civil services and not only acts as a channel of communication between the Centre and the concerned state government but also with other state governments. Such is a position and stature of the Chief Secretary.

You can be the Chief Secretary, if you start preparing for the IAS examination just after your 12th class. Moreover, you have to qualify the civil services examination with high rank and that too in your initial attempts to attain seniority in the Civil Services to enable you to be the senior most IAS officer so that you can be considered for the post of Chief Secretary. For getting selected at early age in IAS examination that too with top rank require precise planning and professional guidance for IAS preparation along with complete determination and devotion on part of IAS aspirants. It is true that there is no substitute for hard work but this hard work should be guided and directed in the right direction by those who themselves have exposure to this challenging examination along with vast experience as mentors.

Though, there is no way of undermining the significance of self-direction and novelty of ideas among committed civil service aspirants which is the ultimate requirement of Civil services examination. However, professional guidance becomes inevitable and critical in the qualifying examination at initial attempts along with top rank otherwise the dream to become Chief Secretary would get shattered given the highly challenging nature of IAS exam.

So friends, if you really want to take the challenge of becoming the administrative head and the leader of state civil services you must look for professional guidance for well calibrated strategy to crack the most difficult and challenging IAS examination in your initial attempts with top rank.