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Students Speak

Here's what our students have to share about their learning experience with us!

Focussed approach and Holistic learning, played an important role to achieve my goals. "Grateful for the Guidance. General Studies is the decider."
When I started preparing for UPSC, I was constantly in touch with Amrit Sir and management here. He guided me about the exam so well at various steps. The comprehensive integrated plan that offers is a hand holding exercise where they guide you from the very 1st stage! I will forever be grateful for the constant guidance and support.
I found Unique Shiksha’s services to students very focused and holistic. Service like Personal Attention is of great help to the students. The mock interviews are very useful in fine tuning the interview preparation.
Anjali Deir
UNIQUE SHIKSHA seems to be the best thing happened to me. It not only made me come out in flying colors but also made me realise the need of the hour and encourage me to serve the society with my best.
"Thank you for the light shown by UNIQUE SHIKSHA” .Best Test Series and its analysis .Class notes and discussion sessions always an inspiration to grow more.
When I joined Unique Shiksha Institute, I was an under confident youth who was as yet unaware of his potential, however after a personal interaction, that the diamond that I was searching for in the outside world, was actually within me. Big thanks to UNIQUE SHIKSHA !!!
Swati Tripathi
Despite of being an academinc institute it is also a life enriching institute. Through its UNIQUE method of teaching such as the In-house workshops, CSE Seminars, interview guidance programs, it instilled in me the confidence to be able to visualize myself as a civil servant.
Swati Tripathi
Being part of Unique Shiksha has been immense pleasure to be a part of, the academy helped me at every step to understand the various stages of UPSC and perform as per expectations.”
Rajesh Prusty