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Unique Shiksha has created the best simulation of Civils Services Prelims examination. The test series is a journey of learning and planning where the static topics like history are covered first and dynamic topics like Science and Technology are covered later.

  1. Best Simulation of the actual UPSC prelims exam.
  2. Test series to plan your study and revise the entire syllabus.
  3. Balance in Conceptual understanding and Current Affairs.
  4. Last year more than 70% question were from our Test Series and Study Material.
  5. Adaptive testing to check the grasp on the concepts.
  6. Complete solutions.

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UNIQUE Features

Roadmap to Exam
The Test Series is designed to complete the entire syllabus of the pre exam.
Based on NCERT Books
Test Series focusses on the foundation and cover NCERT exhaustively
Online and Offline
The test series is available in the online as well as offline format.
Dynamic Testing
Test series will help students check their understanding through question switch by online platform.
All India Testing
The test series will be avaialble in every nook and corner of the country and is truly and All India Test.
Sectional/Topic Test
Topic level test for better knowledge capture and revision of all important/relevant topics.
Current Affairs Focus
The test series is aimed at covering all important issues of current affairs including government policies.
Expert created Tests
It may be considered a benchmark for selection in the actual examination.


Can I Help You ??

  • Q1. How to get the best benefit from this test series?

    The test series is planned with an agenda to give test takers an opportunity to orient their studies and plan the revision in such a manner that they get maximum benefit. The test series is specially designed to cover all topics in detail. Moreover, students may also use this to plan their studies from January onwards. This test series can be used as a study planner for the test takers.

  • Q2. Why NCERT is so important for the Civil Services Exam?

    NCERT books are the most important source for the civil services aspirants. Keeping this in mind we have used NCERT books as the base book for the test series. The first part of tests is subject level test and we have extensively used the NCERT books for the questions. The focus is to give students a mechanism to study and understand NCERT better.

  • Q3. How to best utilize the solutions of the test series?

    The Unique Shiksha test series comes with detailed solutions. We believe that each question can be decoded into at least 4 other questions. We have explained the solution in such a manner that each question will help test takers to get idea about all related aspects. This ensures 300% extra learning and understanding for the test takers.

  • Q4 What is dynamic testing or switch question feature of the test series?

    Unique Shiksha believes in innovation and we are have done it for the test series as well. Once you have attempted the test, you can go online and check your performance. You will see all the correct answer and solutions. Apart from that, you will get an opportunity to re-attempt the questions and concepts you haven't got right in the first go. This will ensure that you understand the concept and test it at the same time.

  • Q5. What is the importance of "All India" test series for me?

    A test series which claims to be a simulation of the Civil Services Exam must be all India in nature. The competition is not limited to Delhi or few other centers. A real test series should have test takers from all over the country. Unique Shiksha Test Series is available to all the test takers from the country and a good performance in this test series can be a sure shot ticket for mains 2017.

  • Q6. Why should I focus on current affairs?

    Current affairs has emerged as the most important aspect of the civil services prelims exam. A test taker has to find the right balance between conceptual understanding and current affairs. Unique Shiksha has paid special attention to current affairs without diluting emphasis on conceptual understanding. The Hindu, Yojna, Kurukshetra, PIB and PTI and Science Reporter are covered in depth to help the test takers to find this balance.

  • Q7. What is the importance of the sectional/topic tests in the test series?

    As mentioned in the first and the second points, sectional tests are very important for the proper coverage of the topics mentioned in the syllabus as well as to develop conceptual clarity. We have defined sectional tests which give the full details of topics that are covered in the tests. This ensures that all the topics are covered thoroughly and as mentioned earlier gives the students apportunity to organise, study and revise efficiently.

  • Q8. Why should I join the Unique Shiksha test series for the prelims?

    Unique Shiksha is a venture of Unique Publishers and has a rich legacy to create content which is UPSC worthy. We make our test series using the expertise of the UPSC Gurus and experts and that's the reason why more than 70% of the questions in the UPSC General Studies paper were from Unique Publishers books. We wish to continue this legacy and consolidate our position of number 1 civil services exam training institute.


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