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The Unique Shiksha Integrated Test Series programme is ideal for serious IAS aspirants looking for continuity in their Civil Services’ preparation, while not compromising on the quality of support all through the process. The Programme is designed by noted UPSC experts, who have considerable experience of IAS preparations and can act as the perfect support system to deserving IAS aspirants in their journey to UPSC success.

The Integrated Test Series Programme is designed to provide ample practice opportunities, prior to the Prelims as well as Mains examinations to help candidates take a stock of their progress. It also supports the hard work put into place by the candidate in tune of self-study endeavours by filling in the gaps wherever necessary, in the form of well-compiled study materials and enhancement of written communication. The combined Programme helps us at Unique Shiksha to define and develop customised solutions for each student, which in turn helps these students realise their UPSC aspirations, better.

Course Features

  • Up to 59 tests (Pre & Mains)
  • Up to 30 tests (Prelims)
  • Flexi timings available