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Questions on socio-economic dimensions are frequently asked about in new UPSC order, making Sociology a popular optional subject with great importance in the GS as well as Essay Papers. It gives a clear edge in handling of questions based on social issues in General Studies (Main) Paper I (Indian Society) and Paper II (Social Justice). In fact, almost every year at least one essay can be expected from social issues. It is also highly consistent, wherein students with Sociology optional have been consistently securing top ranks. Historically, students can score 300+ marks with sufficient writing practice.

The subject is also very useful at the interview level because the analytical ability it helps develop. It helps candidates to see 'beyond the obvious' which is an essential requirement of success in Interview. Moreover, it has considerably smaller syllabus as compared to any other optionals.

Course Features

  • Classroom based thorough Answer Writing Sessions
  • Emphasis on key words & approach to the questions according to UPSC demand
  • Considerably small syllabus as compared to any other optionals
  • Sociology Paper-I Cover Fundamental of Sociology, Sociological thinkers
  • Paper-II Covers Indian Society: Structure and Change