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Public Administration


Public Administration, as an optional subject, has the distinction of being the subject with the highest success rate. No wonder, several IAS aspirants opt for Public Administration.

The UPSC Public Administration Syllabus is ideal for future administrators but is difficult to pursue due to the fact that it consists of vast amount of study materials. Moreover, there have been instances wherein the questions asked have been a little unpredictable.

That’s why preparation for Public Administration is a must under the tutelage of our expert teachers. Over the years, our leading faculty have helped several IAS aspirants sail over this hurdle and have, in turn, helped us earn the recognition of the best IAS coaching in Delhi, and across the nation.

Course Features

  • Writing practice for quality improvement after classes.
  • Fixed Class schedule.
  • Comprehensive test series.
  • Recorded classes.
  • Complete analysis of previous year papers.
  • Time bound completion of syllabus and helpful in covering GS syllabus as well.
  • Learn through coding and correlation with scientific approach.
  • Understanding of concepts with simplified explanation.