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UPSC History Syllabus covers not only AncientMedievalModern India and Indian National Movement but also questions pertaining to Indian culture. Recently, a trend of focusing on regional variations such as textiles and classical languages, performing arts such as classical dances and music and their artists have also been deciphered.

Statistically speaking, History Optional has accounted for approximately one third of GS Main paper over the last few years. To master the UPSC History Syllabus one must learn under domain leaders with proven pedagogic abilities. And that’s what students get at Unique Shiksha, ranked the best coaching institute in Delhi and in India, repeatedly.

Course Features

  • Complete coverage of Paper 1 & 2.
  • Writing practice for quality improvement after classes.
  • Fixed Class schedule.
  • Comprehensive test series.
  • Recorded classes.
  • Complete analysis of previous year papers.
  • Time bound completion of syllabus and helpful in covering GS syllabus as well.
  • Learn through coding and correlation with scientific approach.
  • Understanding of concepts with simplified explanation.