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NCERT Foundation

Unique Shiksha NCERT Foundation Programme

Unique Shiksha’s NCERT Foundation Programme - 2019 is without a doubt the most comprehensive coaching for IAS preparations. This programme ensures extensive coverage of syllabus from Class 6th to 12th NCERT from basic to advanced level. It guarantees that under the tutelage of expert UPSC academics Fundamental Concepts as well as in-depth analysis of subjects happen in the class. It also provides summary of each subject in the form of key words and definitions. The rigorous tests which are part of the programme are designed from the relevant topics sourced from NCERT books. Moreover, extensive discussion and feedback are part of the pedagogy to ensure better grasp of the topics taught.

The meticulous programme has been instrumental in conferring upon Unique Shiksha the recognition as the best IAS coaching in Delhi, and also in India. Moreover, the Programme provides important support system in the form of Personal Mentor for doubt clearing, app based access to current affairs, and also video recordings of missed classes among others.

Course Features

  • Tests are designed from the topics taken from NCERT Books
  • Detailed test discussions after the NCERT Tests
  • Exhaustive coverage of course material in 5 months
  • Cover Class 6th to 12th NCERT from basic to advance level
  • Classroom coverage of Fundamental concepts and in-depth analysis of subjects
  • Summary of each subject in the form of key words and definitions