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IAS Interview Preparation is one of the most critical steps to realise one’s IAS aspirations. In fact, this is the final hurdle one must overcome in order to become a successful UPSC officer. Although the interview, on its own, accounts for only a small percentage weight in the overall selection process, however, it often plays a crucial role in the final shortlisting of candidates as officers. In fact, over the years, there have been many brilliant candidates who have not been able to crack UPSC simply because of their inability to score well in the interview session.

Unique Shiksha IAS Interview Preparation sessions consist of diverse simulated situations those help the aspirants get the nearest possible experience of appearing for an IAS interview session at UPSC. The interview preparation sessions range from 1-on-1 Mock Sessions to Approach Sessions to Interview Simulation Sessions to those directed towards State level Pubic Service Selection Sessions. Conducted under the guidance of Dr. D P Agarwal, Ex-Chairman, UPSC, & an Academic Board headed by Mr. A K Saxena, Ex-Jt. Secy. UPSC, these programmes are ideal for serious UPSC candidates to realise their IAS aspirations.

  • Interview Transcripts
  • Well Compiled Current Affairs digest
  • State wise information
  • Most expected questions: Current | Hobby | State
  • Optional Advice from: Toppers | Key UPSC personalities | UPSC Gurus
  • Free 1-1 sessions with A.K. Saxena (Ex.-Joint Secretary, UPSC)