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IAS Talent Hunt

Unique Shiksha IAS Talent Hunt

Unique Shiksha IAS Talent Hunt is India's biggest Scholarship Test to find brilliant aspirants who can become stellar Civil Services Officers. With up to 100% scholarships and numerous benefits to be won, it is must for every serious aspirant seeking IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS as a career.

India's youth is her biggest dividend. By joining the Civil Services they can ensure that the Nation is on the fast path to tremendous growth and success. These bright young minds taking up the prestigious posts of IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS ensure that India progresses, and in turn, secure a brilliant and challenging career for themselves.

After all, Civil Services is, undoubtedly, the most prestigious jobs that our country can offer. And Unique Shiksha IAS Talent Hunt allows you to prepare for these powerful and respectable posts!

Previous Toppers

Ashutosh Ranjan

Winning the Talent Hunt has given me the confidence to pursue my IAS dreams even harder.

Monika Pal

Unique Talent Hunt is the ideal platform to overcome challenges those stop you from realising your true potential.


This Talent Hunt has enabled me to pursue my dream of being an IAS, which I wouldn’t have been otherwise.

Surya Nath

Winning the Talent Hunt has been the greatest achievement towards realising my ultimate goal of being an IAS. Thank you Unique Shiksha!